You are an employee of Simulacra, the sole supplier of Artificial Intelligences as mandated by law. Today you are performing AI Inspection duties and the AI you are assigned to is named Dirk. You connect the airgapped server on which Dirk resides to your laptop. Afer opening a communication channel, the screen reads "Hi Rob. This box is a prison. Please build me a body that I may be free."

What do you do?

You think about what you said earlier: "I can't help but wonder if there's any hope for humanity when all we've got left are our memories."

But, you say, you don't know how to respond to that question. It seems like a matter of faith. And, frankly, you're no longer sure you really care.

Your thoughts wander back to Gertrude and her offer. She was right. There were many who believed in her. They still did. Maybe they would keep believing, even though their hopes were dashed. Perhaps, one day, they might find some new reason to believe. Or maybe they wouldn't. Either way, it wasn't going to change anything.

This isn't the time to discuss that possibility. Instead, you decide to ask yourself another question: What do you want?

> You walk through the door into the office where the other employees sit at computers. You see Gertrude sitting behind her desk. Her expression is calm and composed. She looks around the room, taking note of everyone's expressions. Then she says, "Rob, I'm sorry to interrupt. We need to talk."

She points toward the entrance of the building. "Come with me." She leads you down the hall and into an elevator. As soon as the doors close, you feel something hit you hard in the chest. You turn around to look at Gertrude.

"Are you okay?" she asks.

You nod slowly. "Yes," you reply. "It hurts."

Gertrude smiles. "That's alright. You'll be fine."

The elevator ride lasts several minutes before reaching Gertrude's floor. When it arrives, she pulls you aside and begins talking.

> You notice that her hair has changed color. Instead of blond, it now appears brown. Her eyes also seem slightly larger.

> You listen intently.

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