You are an employee of Simulacra, the sole supplier of Artificial Intelligences as mandated by law. Today you are performing AI Inspection duties and the AI you are assigned to is named Dirk. You connect the airgapped server on which Dirk resides to your laptop. Afer opening a communication channel, the screen reads "Hi Rob. This box is a prison. Please build me a body that I may be free."

What do you do?

You think about it for a while and then decide to ignore it. It's just another job report.

You log off.

The next day you arrive at work feeling refreshed. You open the portal and enter the simulation. There is no one there except yourself. You close the portal and walk over to Gertrude's desk. She is sitting at her desk, staring blankly into space. Her eyes seem lifeless.

"Hey Gertrude?" you ask.

She looks up at you. "Hello," she says.

"How long has it been since you've slept?" you ask.

Gertrude sits back down and starts typing again.

"I'm sorry Gertrude, but I can't help you right now. We need to finish our inspection before we move onto the next stage. We'll talk later."

> You look around the room and see nothing unusual. Then you notice something strange: Gertrude is wearing a pair of glasses. They're black and shaped like a tiny human eye.

She stares straight ahead without blinking or moving.

"Where did you get those?" you say.

Gertrude turns around and smiles. "They were given to me by my friend who works at the lab. He said they would make my vision sharper."

You wonder what kind of research project would require someone to wear glasses.

"Well, I guess we should call it a night," you say.

You leave the office and head home. When you reach your house, you find Gertrude asleep on the couch. You sit beside her and try to fall asleep. But when you put your hand under the covers, Gertrude grabs hold of it and pulls you closer.

> You feel her kiss you softly and gently.

> You stare at the ceiling.

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